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4 oz / 120 ml

french green clay

  • +  Suitable for all skin types

    +  Our clay mask is a simple solution to removing toxins and impurities from your skin naturally, as well as an exfoliating alternative to harsh acid treatments and peels.


    +  Our luxurious clay is known for naturally stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity and increasing cell oxygenation ~ all perfect for an anti-aging treatment.  Its deep cleansing action removes dead skin cells, absorbing impurities, excess sebum and oils to keep your skin smooth, fresh and radiant.  This helps keep your skin looking smooth, fresh and radiant while vitalizing and boosting the cell renewal of your skin.


    +  Pure Kaya's luxurious Clay comes from the noble soil layers in France.  It’s highly nourished by the roots of trees, plants and grass, as well as natural sunlight and rainwater.  It took several centuries for the Clay to concentrate and emerge to the surface, making them the purest and most potent Clays.